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Sweden’s Open Arms

The first time I ever put on a British vest will stay with me for the rest of my life. To say I am proud of my birth country is an understatement. But, training in Sweden with the Swedes has been my home from home. To say these guys have looked after me, would be putting it Keep reading

My own Clothing Range!

I’m really excited to announce the development of my own personal clothing range. As an athlete I have been sponsored throughout my professional career by many brands including ASICS, Adidas and Nike. However, in the footsteps of one of my all time sporting heroes Michael Jordan, I have spent an Keep reading

One of my Sporting Heroes

One of the all time greatest sporting heroes in my eyes, who is still at the top of his game is Valentino Rossi.

Rossi is an Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion. He is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, with 8 Grand Prix World Championships to his name. Keep reading

My New Website

Welcome everyone to my new site. Finally I’ve got a bit of space on this thing called the internet. No sorry its not porn. As much as I’ve always wanted a website, I’ve only just grasped the ability of using Ebay, Facebook and MySpace!

I’ve been working closely with Andrew Weeks over the last few months, and this is the genius Keep reading