My New Website

Welcome everyone to my new site. Finally I’ve got a bit of space on this thing called the internet. No sorry its not porn. As much as I’ve always wanted a website, I’ve only just grasped the ability of using Ebay, Facebook and MySpace!

I’ve been working closely with Andrew Weeks over the last few months, and this is the genius offspring of his talented computer wizardry and of course my superior talent and charm (hahah!)

I wanted to personally thank Andrew for all the hours he has spent staring at various body parts of mine (nothing’s been adjusted – what you see is what you get! hahaha), and to say how grateful and impressed I am by his final work is an understatement of the year.

I hope you enjoy the site, and sign up to hear my news and keep track of my movements towards 2012.

The site is dedicated to what I call the 3 Fs – Family, Friends and Fans.

Love Ben

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