Good Sports Don’t Fake It

I was delighted to able to attend the ‘National Consumer Week Launch’ event ‘Good Sports Don’t Fake It’ at the View Tube. The View Tube is located on The Greenway, Newham, Stratford, East London and is the closet place you can get to the Olympic stadium

On Monday 21 November I got to the View tube at 09:00am where I had some photo’s with Tessa Sanderson (1984 Olympic gold medalist in the javelin), Ron Gainsford (chief executive trading standards institute TSI) chairing the launch, Gillian Guy (chief executive citizens advice), Farisha Constable (brand manager of London organising committee Olympic Games LOCOG)

Mike Roylance who is the brand manager of Adidas spoke about the fake T-shirts issues and Tessa Sanderson and myself spoke of our experiences with fraud and internet scams.

I enjoyed being part of a event that had directly affected me when I was involved in an internet scam earlier in the year. It was important to be able to make people aware of the issues surrounding the internet and current problems around the consumer and the Olympic games next year 2012.

*Video:ben challenger tsi event

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