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Retired 2012

In June, 2012 I finally made the decision to hang up the spikes for good. It would have been a dream come true to compete at the London Olympic games, but unfortunately injury once again got the better of me. Looking back to the 21 years of competing for my country, I feel extremely blessed to have had Keep reading

Good Sports Don’t Fake It

I was delighted to able to attend the ‘National Consumer Week Launch’ event ‘Good Sports Don’t Fake It’ at the View Tube. The View Tube is located on The Greenway, Newham, Stratford, East London and is the closet place you can get to the Olympic stadium

On Monday 21 November I got to the View tube at Keep reading

Alive and Jumping

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve put fingers to keyboard. My last blog was in June 2009, and its now March 2010. So what’s been happening? In the midst of last season, I was diagnosed with a double hernia. As a professional athlete, having surgery is never helpful to your training or competitions, so I arranged Keep reading

Training in Portugal

My second training trip was in sunny Portugal. Saying that, the first week was a bit dull, but still alot warmer than England so I was happy! My girlfriend and I arrived in the afternoon and got to the hotel via taxi and settled in very nicely, which is not what I can say for the Keep reading

Sweden’s Open Arms

The first time I ever put on a British vest will stay with me for the rest of my life. To say I am proud of my birth country is an understatement. But, training in Sweden with the Swedes has been my home from home. To say these guys have looked after me, would be putting it Keep reading

My New Website

Welcome everyone to my new site. Finally I’ve got a bit of space on this thing called the internet. No sorry its not porn. As much as I’ve always wanted a website, I’ve only just grasped the ability of using Ebay, Facebook and MySpace!

I’ve been working closely with Andrew Weeks over the last few months, and this is the genius Keep reading