First Competition – 9 June 2009

Hello everybody,

Just back at my good friend Anton’s house in Gothenburg and thought I would update people on my first competition. It was cloudy today, but 20 degrees, so pretty much perfect for jumping. It was funny, as I was so nervous for such a small competition, saying that the Swedish people are very supportive as I wore the local club vest.

My warm up was perfect 2 metres first time, 2.05 first time and very very close to 2.15 in warm up. Like all competitions there was always a little bit of messing about and they made us wait 40 mins before we competed. But this is normal.

I started at 2.05m and cleared first time. I felt a little bit close and Yannick agreed so we brought it back a foot. The same went for 2.10m, I cleared it first time and felt a little bit close, so brought it back another foot. Went to 2.14m and failed all three attempts, but was happy to get the cobwebs out whilst still working on run up and technique with my coach Yannick.

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It was good because I enjoyed it which has been a good few years since I have been able to say that. My beautiful girlfriend came with me to support me and the whole team was also supportive. My team mate Emma Green jumped really well and it was good as it spurred me on.

Yannick was very positive and pointed out my faults which I felt while jumping and he said that there is alot more to come this year which is good. This year is just about working on technique and getting a good base for world domination next year. BOOOOOOOM

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