Lisa: Wedding Day Countdown

Lisa came to me because she was concerned about not looking her best in her wedding pictures. She was predominantly worried about her arms. I tailored her workout to tone her arms specifically, but also incorporated other fat loss and general fitness exercises to keep her engaged and energized.

While working with Lisa, she told me about her back problems, and I was able to address these over time with a combination of back and abs exercises.

Since meeting me, Lisa has really developed her own love and passion for fitness. She also has no more back problems and now has the confidence to run that she never thought she would have.

Useful exercise: Dips

One of the exercises I used with Lisa when we first met were dips. Dips are great for getting rid of bingo wings and developing definition in the arms. With all my exercises, your core is engaged throughout the session. We started with just 5 of these each time, but Lisa quickly built up to doing 20 per session.

  1. Place your hands on a secure surface, such as a box, chair or stairs. Keep your wrists facing back towards the wall behind you.
  2. Keep legs very slightly bent with toes pointing upwards.
  3. Keep core engaged, and slowly lower your body to a comfortable level from which you can come back up.
  4. Repeat. If you feel your muscles working then that’s good! If you experience any pain or serious discomfort, stop immediately.

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