Josh: Feeling Great

Josh came to me after being diagnosed with diabetes. He realized that he needed to watch his health and fitness much more closely, and had the drive and determination that I like and admire in my clients.

Josh and I worked very slowly, setting challenging but achievable weekly goals. This kept Josh motivated and feeling he was improving each week. We didn’t concentrate on his weight. I focused more on how Josh felt physically, rather than counting calories and having weigh ins. Because Josh hadn’t trained for twenty years, this extra exercise alone was enough to lose the weight he desired without having to resort to exotic diets.

After working closely with me and my team of recommended physiotherapists, masseuses and doctor, Josh has adopted a fit, healthy lifestyle and managed to keep his diabetes firmly under control.

It’s great! The first time in twenty years I can see my abs!

Useful exercise: Basic crunch

One of the exercises I used with Josh was the basic crunch. The basic crunch is excellent for engaging your lower abs, and is a great way to build a base for all other abs exercises without putting too much strain or stress on the body.

  1. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Get into a neutral position by tilting your hips forward and flattening your back. You should already feel your abs working.
  3. Place your hands firmly onto your thighs. Slowly sit up, keeping your hands on your legs. Slowly lower back to neutral position.
  4. All of this should be done without using your neck and so only your abs remain contracted. If you use your neck, you defeat the object of the exercise and could cause yourself damage.

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