Dagni: Fitness Fanatic

Dagni came to Ben as an established fitness fanatic. Training for marathons, Dagni needed an excellent coach who would take her performance to the next level. She had become extremely muscle-bound from her intensive workouts with personal trainers in gyms. This would have been great if she aspired to be Miss Universe, but Dagni needed her body to be in peak condition for running… and of course look great in a bikini!

I took a step back and worked with Dgani to build a fitness program that worked for her own body weight and, without touching a dumbbell, I transformed her somatotype. In turn she had to change her wardrobe! I helped her realize that lifting weights in the gym is only good for weight lifters. Dagni has just run a half marathon and beaten her previous best time by 20 minutes – a real achievement.

Since training with Ben, everyone has commented on how great my physique is. I couldn’t have done it without him!

Useful exercise: Plank holds

One of the exercises I used training with Dagni were plank holds. Plank holds are great for serious conditioning of the core, whilst also developing strength in your legs and arms. We started holding the plank for 10 seconds, but Dagni is now up to a full minute of holding the plank.

  1. Place elbows and arms on the ground, shoulder width apart.
  2. Keeping your legs hip width apart, place your toes firmly on the ground with your heels in the air.
  3. Lift your body from your centre hips to gain a straight body position. Your bottom should be level – plank level, not sinking down or bulging up in the air. I would prefer you to be slightly raised than lowered.
  4. Hold your position until your find yourself needing to rest. Look forward. Try to work through this resistance each time you complete the plank to achieve stronger and better results.

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