Personal Training

Personal training in West Berkshire, London and the World!

Have you always promised yourself a complete physical and mental makeover? Perhaps you’ve joined gyms, tried the latest diets or read articles that promise a new you in just 30 days?

Never quite works out though, does it?

Personal training with Ben

It can. I make it happen for me every day – I’ve been all the way to the Olympic Games – and I can make it happen for you too. I want to give you the same feeling of energised fitness, the same sense of renewal and wellbeing I get each day from training.

  • Feel great Release your captive energy, feel more awake and alive, get fit and toned, look fabulous. Find out more
  • Wedding day countdown Slip effortlessly into that dress and look perfect on your special day. Find out more
  • Training hard Already a fitness nut? I will push you to your goal. I’m not promising we can get you gold in 2012, but we can try. Find out more

How I train with my clients

Individuality is the key. Each new client and I build our relationship together with a first evaluation session. During this first session, I hear about all your needs and fitness aims, and I talk to you about how we can achieve them.

World class coaching

As a high jumper, I’m ideally placed to give you the figure you want. Sprinters build their muscle to run fast – great for those 100m dashes, but not the look most people are after. Swimmers have superbly toned arms and backs, but seem a bit top heavy for most women.

I have to train every part of my body. If I don’t, it becomes dead weight and stops me jumping as high as I could. In our sessions together, I will use the experience I’ve gained from years of world-class training to tone every part of your body too.

With one-to-one coaching that only an athlete would expect, your training programme with me will help you reach your fitness goals and feel great about body and about yourself.

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